Repairing the jack on Etymotic hf3 earphones, or trying

I was away from home spending the holidays with family and while I had fun I also broke my favorite headphones 😞.

A $149 pair of Etymotic hf3 Earphones + headset with a matching set of Comply Foam ear tips. The nicest pocket audio and microphone experience I’ve been able to find.

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Being an emotional man is a gift and a curse

Before I start, because I know I have to write defensively on subjects that are touchy for me: I’m not looking for any sympathy, I’m not trying to brag about “how enlightened I am for having basic emotions” or whatever negative preconceived notion you started reading this with. I’m not trying to say “woe is me”.

I just have a lot of spiraling thoughts in my head that I want to get out so I can actually focus on what I need to focus on today. This post is mostly for me to read myself over and over again, if it resonates with anyone else, neat.

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