Natal Charts App

I want a visual map of my astrological being. Something more interact-able and information dense than just a chart.


  • Calculates and shows your sign, rising, all houses.
  • Shows current phases, what’s in retrograde, “next week signifies beginning of Cancer season, your time to shine!”.
  • Rich static information, like full pages for each sign including “Mutable (?)” which goes to a page that explains qualities.


  • Initial account creation:
    • Enter birthday, time of birth, city of birth, and we’ll calculate your full chart.
    • Chart is calculated online but stored locally so you can use the app offline.
  • Personal view:
    • View your signs, natal houses, etc.
    • Spider charts showing TBD attributes like “Openness” and “Versatility to Change” based on which signs are in which houses / 5 houses being in mutable signs?
    • Horoscopes, or links to them.
  • Friend view:
    • Add your friends. Not like, a social network, like literally write down their name and piecemeal add their sign or info to calculate their full chart.
    • Same basic information as in personal view.
    • Some compatibility metrics, maybe?


The back-end to calculate charts is complete. The app is at basic prototype stage.

You can set up by making your own chart, then see your signs in a basic list. The app is in react native, right now, but I also started doing a mobile web version (in the API’s repo) before doing the react-native one.

App repo | API repo



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